13 Satellites - Lahore II

April 2nd to 10th 2007


13 Satellites is an on-going art project that addresses the contemporary art-scene in Pakistan, currently accessed through limited platforms through experimental works, that examine the communication through and circulation of art between centers and peripheries, in a city like Lahore. The first 13 Satellites project took place in august 2006, with 7 students from BNU and 8 from NCA in Lahore. 13 Satellites of Lahore, 11, invited participation of art students, from Lahore and Karachi, and public artists Mathias Einhoff and Harry Sachs, as co-facilitators, from Germany. Facilitators from Pakistan include, Huma Mulji, Naazish Ataullah, David Alesworth, Razia Irum Sadik.


The project was exhibited as documentation at the Annemarie Schimmel Haus.


Supported by:


Annemarie Schimmel Haus (German Cultural Center, Lahore), IFA, Berlin, Germany, and The Heinrich Böll Foundation, Lahore.

With help from Vasl Artists' Collective, Karachi, National College of Arts, Lahore, and Beaconhouse National University, Lahore.

Participating Artists


Mehvish Khalid Lahore, Iqra Tanveer Karachi, Nida Bangash Lahore, Rabbya Khan Lahore, Mehreen Murtaza Lahore, Sajjad Ahmed Lahore, Ehsan-ul-Haq Lahore, Sarah Rasheed Karachi, Zikra Baluch Lahore, Muzzamil Ruheel Lahore, Asif Khan Lahore, Zeest Malik Lahore, Fizza Liaquat Lahore,Ayesha Jatoi Lahore, Ahmed Azmi Maldives, Hurmat-ul-Ain Lahore, Hassan Mujtaba Lahore, Samia Mehdi Lahore, Rabia Tariq Lahore, Aarez Ali Lahore, Rizwan Abbas Lahore, Sophia Mairaj Karachi, Asim Butt Karachi

Ahmed Azmee

A Free Degree

After living for three years in Pakistan, I realized that there are a lot of people who wanted to study but were unable to do so. I decided to make a college degree a part of their lives. I made a silhouette of a graduate receiving a degree, went around the city, where people could volunteer to have a photograph taken, with their heads replacing the empty space in the silhouette.



Iqra Tanveer

Public art?

An effort to unveil and understand what public art really is. Is public art exactly what the term refers to? Is it a form of art the engages with public space and is accessible to the general public? Does it communicate with all who encounter it?



Rabia Tariq and Hassan Mujtaba

"we are here to SERVE the nation" by Rizwan Abbas, Aarez Ali




Mistake in the sky



Asim Butt

'Jharra’s Akharra' by Asim offers a patchwork of spaces where the sacred and profane sit cheek by jowl. The project challenged the Dadaist stranglehold over public art intervention, while also turning a potentially passive audience into its models and friends.



Rabbya Naseer and Hurmat-ul-Ain

Yeh lo

The folds of their Shalwaars flash Yeh lo, masculinity in public spaces, right in our faces. We decided to throw it back.



Ayesha Jatoi

Isn’t this beautiful?

By using the vocabulary of the streets, i.e. hand painted signs on aluminum boards, I tried to draw attention to those who work/perform on the streets to create fanciful and functional installations, be they unconsciously made or communally contributed to, but which display a poignant visual intelligence.



Sahar Rashid

Fruits and vegetables spread across cities, quickly distributed, consumed. I attempt to disseminate my idea similarly, tracing it through the city, and mapping its trajectory.



Art for the sake of people

'13 Satellites of Lahore', a collection of art pieces displayed at Annemarie Schimmel Haus, Lahore celebrates the idea of public space and interaction with ordinary people.

By Quddus Mirza


The news on sunday 4 Encore Article 22-sunday-2007

Link: Art for the sake of people By Quddus Mirza


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