“A FEAST IN EXILE" A Tableau Vivant

Vasl in collaboration with the Alliance Francaise presents



Directed by Tazeen Qayyum & Faisal Anwar

Performed by the 3rd year Fine Art Students of Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture

Live Music by Babar Sheikh, Rizwan-ullah, Jasir Abro and Aziz Kazi


Tableau Vivant is the out come of one of our teaching residencies with artists Faisal Anwar and Tazeen Qayyum.

Faisal and Tazeen spent 4 weeks with the 3rd year Fine art students at the Fine Art department at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. This evening what you will experience is the outcome of this workshop.

We will be presenting a unique performance in which we have recreated an 18th century miniature painting of Kangra School, in the style of a Tableau Vivant. Tableau Vivant literally means ‘ living picture’ and was quite popular in 19th century European art, where artists and actors would create live versions of famous paintings.

The selected painting is the ' The Pandavas in Drupad's Court', from a series of works depicting the mythology of Drupadi and the 5 Pandava brothers from the Mahabharata.

Drupadi, a devoted deciple of Lord Krishna, was the daughter of King Drupad and the shared wife of the 5 pandava brothers. In this particular painting we see that the brothers are at the end of their 12 year exile, have revealed themselves and take leave from their host, King Drupad.

The entire performance has been created and performed by the 3rd year Fine Arts students of IVS and directed by Tazeen Qayyum and Faisal Anwar. The live music was specially composed by Babar Sheikh, Rizwan-ullah Khan, Jasir Abro and Aziz Kazi.



Process leading upto Tableau Vivant



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Ford Foundation

Indus Valley School of Art and Architecure

Alliance the Francaise


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