Odd Spaces Part- 3

Project by Faisal Anwar and hosted by Vasl


Oddspaces is attempting to engage large scale, public participation by connecting 3 remote locations in Karachi, Toronto and New York for 12 hours. Audience from each locations will be using virtual interaction to create a real-time collaborative installation. The Installation consists of a virtual projected tree on all three locations that grows and become live in the course of 12 hours. Audience will be interacting using their cell phones to twitt OR SMS (Text) and see their messages to be a part of the tree’s growth. Live camera streams on both locations enables participants to see each other and engage with a participating viewer from a different location (Karachi-Pakistan, Toronto-Canada, New York-America).

Artist: Faisal Anwar — Toronto, Pakistan

Artist Collaborator: Randy Horton — Toronto


About the Artist

Faisal Anwar is a digital media artist Toronto/Pakistan. He has a diverse background in theatre, film, media, i nteractive art and graphic design. Anwar’s art practice explores fictional, sociopolitical and edutainment narratives. He is interested in creating participatory experiences that connect and challenge the conventions of surveillance and interaction in modern urban cities.His projects often bring together art and technology in odd configurations to explore human perceptions towards architectural spaces and social interactivity.,


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