SLICE is an international project that will present twenty new artworks created in collaboration with UK and Pakistani artists. A line is being drawn from Lahore City Station to London Liverpool Station. SLICE maps this line that cuts through buildings and across streets from Lahore to London, establishing a new dialogue with the social and physical fabric of two iconic, complex and historically linked cities.
Focusing on the first mile at each end of the line, which runs from Lahore Central Station to Liverpool Street Station in London, a group of Lahore and London based artists have been invited to make a work each, inspired by a location on the Slice. There is no limit to what form each act of documentation may take, as long as ultimately it can be viewed as a screen based work. The Project blog is up and running and can be viewed at

The first manifestation of the Slice project will be a website that will present all the works that the artists create in relation to the line: by clicking on points on a map the corresponding work will be displayed. The website will then be launched at Zahoor-ul-Akhlaq, NCA, Richmix and the Ideas Store, Whitechapel in July and Sept 2011.

The project has been set up by Fatima Hussain from Other Asias and Simon Daw and Paul Burgess, both from Scale. Other Asias was created to challenge contemporary ideas about Asia; Scale is dedicated to collaborations that explore urban life. Both organisations bring with them a wide experience of international collaborations.

Slice Meetings (London-Lahore via Skype) – 8th May 2011 and 28th May 2011.
Launch at Ideas Store, Whitechapel – 28th July 2011
Launch at Zahoorul Akhlaq, NCA Lahore – 12th to 22nd Sept 2011
Launch at Richmix – 1st Sep 2011


For info and queries please contact


Special Thanks to Gudrang Studios (for hosting Lahore Meetings).
This Project has been made possible by a grant from the Arts Council England, support from VASL (Pakistan) and Apples and Snakes (UK).


Artists Involved:


Adnan Mirza
Asif Kanji
Ayesha Kamal
Collective: Abeerah Zahid, Ayesha Kamal Khan, Beenish Khalid
Fatima Hussain
Kashif Mohsin
Nida Bangash
Shahzad Tanveer
Wajid Ali
Zahra Hussain

Jonathan Watkins
Lucy Cash
Matthias Kispert
Paul Burgess
Present Attempt
Shamim Azad
Simon Daw
Steve Rosenthal
Artists’ Collective



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