PROJECTIONS - A Tentative Collective's project in collaboration with Vasl Artists' Collective.
We seek images of ourselves in our cities. Gazing at its walls for our reflections, we inhabit and haunt its material reality through projections. Through these projections we read, inscribe, understand and imagine ourselves, our communities, our histories and futures into the city's surfaces and crevices. In these projections, our infinite and divergent realities within the same spatiality are realised. The city transforms under the gaze of its inhabitants-the fixed materialities of its architecture rendered elastic.

Drawing on these everyday practices, artists, curators and creative practitioners will enact their own ephemeral projections in the city. The projections will take the form of luminous moving imagery, urban transference, performance of desires, evocation of memories, and playful engagements with architectural forms, spatial configurations and experiential modes. And through these intersecting projections we ask how we can momentarily inhabit each other’s imagination-each other’s city?


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