Educational Outreach 2004


As part of the Vasl educational outreach program, artists participating in the international artists' residency conducted various seminars, lectures and workshops.


Simone Wille - Austria

Simone conducted a series of slide lectures at the VM Art Gallery. She also initiated an Art writers' Forum, in which a group of young writers were invited to discuss ways of critiquing and writing about art issues.




  • Beyond East and West

Works by trans-national artists from Egypt to Pakistan: Gananne al Ani, Ghada Amer, Mona Hatoum, Y.Z. Kami, Walid Raad, Michal Rovner.


  • Near Distances

Exhibition of Iranian Contemporary Art in Berlin at the House of the World Cultures.


  • Works by artists from the Saatchi Collection

  • Yinka Shonibare - The use of textile in the works of Nigerian –born artist.

  • A Drawing Now

Contemporary Artists and Drawing.

Simone Willes is currently doing her PhD from the University of Vienna, her subject is Contemporary Art from Pakistan. Development and Change: a Regional Outlook.

Clio Lloyd Jacob - UK

British Council-Vasl Initiative


  • Intercultural Transformations: Karachi-London


As part of the Vasl educational outreach program, Clio Lloyd-Jacob, from the UK, initiated a two–day workshop with 12 young artists from various art colleges in Karachi.

The idea consisted of a drawn animation, to be presented as a video, and possibly to be printed as a flipbook. A group of artists in Karachi were asked to bring or choose an object, which had some personal or cultural meaning, which reflected his/her identity. The artists explored ideas of transformations through 60-80 small drawings.

The Second artist in the UK transformed the drawing into an object of his/her choice which had meaning to him/her. Finally, this moved into an abstract form.

Each partnership’s work was made into a short animated digital video by Clio in the UK. The artists communicated by email to choose a title for their joint work and discuss the works they made with each other.


  • Art Therapy Workshop


A well attended Art Therapy lecture was given by Clio Lloyd-Jacob, which was followed by a workshop with students from Psychology, Sociology and Visual studies departments of Karachi University.

Riyas Komu - India

Riyas Komu conducted a two day painting workshop at the Visual Studies department of Karachi University.

Lou Yongjin- China

A lecture on contemporary photography was conducted by Lou Yongjin for design students of the Visual Studies department, Karachi University, followed by a discussion.


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