Taaza Tareen III

outreach program with ABSA school



My experience is a major derivative of what I create. An experience that makes me think, question and the answers of which result in my growth as an artist or in fact as a human being. Such an experience I was provided with at the Vasl residency, ‘Taaza Tareen’. An opportunity that developed a vocabulary that now exists as a vital element of my art practice. The aspect of experimentation it provided me with open new ways through which I could view my own practice. My introduction to ABSA, a deaf and mute school in Karachi, which was a three day outreach program organized by Vasl turned out to be a pivotal point during the residency. My interaction with deaf and mute children was not only fulfilling the need I have for contribution in general but was simultaneously prompting my thought regarding what sound really meant. The linguistics of sound that appeared in form of Sign language, I feel was an astounding character of sound itself. Sign language as a visual sound was a realization I felt required further research. A visual sound that not only existed in the realm of sign language it self but also in ordinary gestural expressions was a phenomenal discovery for me. How sound functions visually and physically became subjects of great intrigue for me, and to understand these concepts my visits to ABSA became even more essential.


Iqra Tanveer

Taaza Tareen III March 2008


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