International Artists' Residency 2004

The second International Residency in August 2004 has reflected and reinforced our need for creating an alternative platform for artists and their work practice. A space for dialogue and speculation, where the artists have a central role to play in creating their own agenda, based on their needs. Every Residency is driven by the interests of its participants, and each time we feel their interaction with the city of Karachi becomes more visible in the outcome of their work. This together with the impact through our educational outreach has been far reaching, creating an alternative learning.

Residency Co-ordinators:

Naiza H Khan,

Adeela Suleman


Vasl working group:

Amin Gulgee, Auj Khan, Moeen Faruqi,
Munawar Ali, Roohi Ahmed, Saima Zaidi, Usman Ghouri


Supported by:

Ford Foundation
Rangoonwala Foundation and VM Gallery
Triangle Arts Trust, UK and Robert Loder
British Council, Karachi
Arts Council England, International Artists Fellowships
Austrian Arts Council


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