Regional Residency 2005

This year, our international residency program focused on South Asia!

VASL invited three artists from Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The artists were Sunil Sigdel from Nepal, Mahmudur Rahman from Bangladesh and Abdul Jabbar Gull from Pakistan.

As an artists' collective, Vasl offers a space to engage with others. It is not only about making artwork, but a platform to meet, and exchange ideas for future learning. We were confronted with many questions as we saw these artists live and work together during the 4-week Residency. How do we relate to the region as visual artists? The similarities and differences of our customs, language, religion and cuisine!, how the politics of our region over takes the personal and professional links that can be nurtured?. With the fragile relations that exist in our small neighbourhood, the artists from India and Sri Lanka were unable to obtain visas!



Residency: November 8th - December 8th 2005

Exibition: December 6th - 9th 2005, VM Art Gallery


Vasl working group:

Naiza H Khan,

Adeela Suleman,

Munawar Ali,

Saima Zaidi,

Sohail Zuberi,

Auj Khan,

Mahreen Zuberi


Supported by:

Ford Foundation,,
ZVMG Rangoonwala Foundation and VM Art Gallery.


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