Artists' Residency, Connections 1 'Taaza Tareen'


Following the success of the International Residencies that are now a high point of the art calendar in Karachi, this year the Vasl working group started a three-week Residency for 7 Pakistani artists:

The artists came from various backgrounds and different art institutions, NCA, IVS and KU. Each brought his or her own discipline of art practice and sensibility. During this three-week period, the artists worked at studios provided by the Rangoonwala Foundation. They exhibited their work at the VM Art Gallery. The works produced in this short period of time, have been very intensive and in some cases ground breaking for the individual artists. The Open Forum discussion on the 28th was very lively, and well attended, with over 80 participants. Much dialogue was generated about work practice and individual aspirations. This Vasl Residency has given artists within Pakistan a platform to meet, exchange ideas and make their artwork.



Exhibition Opening: Monday, 25th April

Open Forum & Discussion: Thursday, 28th Apri


Vasl working group:

Naiza Khan,

Roohi Ahmed,

Adeela Suleman,

Saima Zaidi,

Munawar Ali


Supported by:

VM Art Gallery,
ZVMG Rangoonwala Foundation and VM Art Gallery.


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