smART power residency: Art Jones (US)

As part of the Bronx Museum's smART power programme, in which artists from the United States are undertaking residencies all around the world, Vasl is hosting Art Jones, a sound and media artist, for a month in August/September. Art will lead educational and performance-based activities around Karachi throughout his residency, while developing his own work in collaboration with local artists, musicians, and video makers.




Workshop dates:

Thursday 23rd August: 6-8pm
Friday 24th August: 6-8pm
Saturday 25th August: 10-4pm

Thursday 30th August: 6-8pm
Friday 31st August: 6-8pm
Saturday 1st Sept: 10-4pm

Thursday 6th Sept: 6-8pm
Friday 7th Sept: 6-8pm
Saturday 8th Sept: 10-4pm

Final DJ/VJ performances

Thursday 25th October
7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Locations: Port Grand, ArtLane, Karachi,Pakistan.

Workshop content:

WEEK 01:

Introductions to the concept of the smARTpower program. Getting to know each other- background, skill sets, areas of knowledge, etcetera.
Determining themes and content- workshop participants, along with Art Jones' presentation of work.
Sound Recording Technique Workshop.
Interview Technique Workshop.
Participants gather audio material.
Review audio material.

WEEK 02:

Sound Editing Workshop.
Still and Motion Picture Camera Technique Workshop.
Participants gather audio/visual material.
Review audio/visual material.
Discussion of issues related to documentary production: representation, perspective, audience, form, etcetera.
Video Editing Workshop
Begin selecting images, sounds, and texts for media performance.

Week 03:

HOW TO BE A VJ/DJ WORKSHOP (History, technique, and hardware/software tools).
Collaborative Audio/visual Performance Workshop (Participants will collaborate with each other and live musicians in order to become familiar with the possibilities and challenges of live media performance).
Complete editing of media elements.
Design of Audio/Visual carts.

Final weekend:

NETWORKED SIMULTANEOUS AUDIO/VISUAL MEDIA PERFORMANCE: (Situated in various locations in Karachi, with a central media 'hub' where all media/data streams converge).

Twelve places are available for interested participants willing to participate in the entirety of the workshop. Equipment will be provided, along with food and drinks during the workshops, though any additional equipments, softwares and ideas that the participants want to introduce to the project will be considered. While this is a collaborative workshop that is being led by an experienced artist, the creative ideas of all the participants will play a large part in its success. This is a unique opportunity to fuse live music with video and performance media, and to learn from an experienced artist and contemporary DJ, while playing a part in projecting the unique and progressive media and music industry of Pakistan to a local and an international audience.

Places are free, but limited, so send expressions of interest to before the 17th August.



The SELECTOR INTERNATIONAL project will be a series of workshops, classes, and demonstrations leading to the creation of mobile multimedia installations. In Jamaica, beginning in the 1960's, the most important role at parties was that of the Selector, so named because he/she carefully selected the records to be played, with continuity of rhythm and the ebb and flow of the party at their control via the Soundsystem-fundamentally an amplifier, turntable, and (large) speakers. This role predates the contemporary concept of the DJ. In this social context the Selector/DJ becomes a facilitator of social engagement- a role that also expands upon first-world notions of the function of the 'party'- with the responsibility of bringing news, political debate, what is happening in the world outside of the physical space of the performance.This is what I want to bring to my collaboration with local artists and communities. The meaning & use of popular music and (in the 21st century) video is inherently more socially and politically engaged in developing/non-western countries than in our (U.S.) commercial entertainment context, specifically as local artists adapt & hybridize musical genres to meet their own needs. By using popular music and video manipulation and presentation (in the mode of the DJ) I aim to add to this conversation with media and the function of contemporary art by working with workshop participants who will build DJ/VJ systems that will then be 'deployed' in local communities. I want to engage artists working in diverse mediums (from painting & sculpture, to photography, to performance) in a new form of presenting their work which incorporates social engagement as a direct aspect of the art experience.I want to explore these possibilities in the real world- creating the social environment of the party in physical (public) spaces while bridging physical/cultural/economic distances by utilizing the concept of treating remote parties/activities as Social/Cultural Networks via the internet, with the physical DJ/VJ platforms as 'servers' for social activity. SELECTOR INTERNATIONAL represents the coming together of my interests in collaboration, live media performance, and the public party as site of deep cultural engagement.These DJ/VJ's (or image/sound performers) will facilitate the public party on the streets or at other sites not associated with the fine arts. The community will engage with this dynamic presentation of video and audio collage (comprised of local and global images & sounds)at the level of audience/participant- discussing the content as images and sounds flow live; making 'requests' of particular, songs, news clips, audio bites,or movie scenes; and, I hope, taking a turn on the virtual turntables as the VJ/DJ will also demonstrate the fundamentals of live image/sound mixing.For more information on the smART power programme see:




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