1 March - 6 April 2015


The state of mind of any human being can be altered by their habitat, which in turn makes the human creative process a paramount and unpredictable one to leap into. The process of an artwork is its most prized possession, making the work of art so much more than what it presents to a viewer in the end. The act of creating becomes a dialogue between artists and a place, between culture and art. It then takes one on a journey of non-anticipation with new endeavors to explore - in the place that has been presented to them.

When bringing together various artistic disciplines such as performance, installation, mixed media, and research based art works, one can almost get the sense that the way we choose to represent out creative feelings has grown immensely and can now be seen through various lenses. It is not only about honing into a particular place in your creative practice but also using a space that juxtaposes the way one chooses to view and take inspiration. It then creates a dialogue between the way one perceives their environment and all that comes with it.

The synthesis of bringing together different avenues and diverse minds opens the field for a multiple sense of perceiving. It is in the individual human to choose what they want to see, touch, say and think, ultimately leading to the way in which they choose to create, where almost anything can mean nothing or everything.

With this approach three artists were invited to Karachi from three different countries to gain inspiration and produce work over a 5-week period. A fourth artist was invited to produce text based work.



Marco Pezzotta – Italy / Germany

Eric Peter – Netherlands

Shaheen Jaffrani – Pakistan

Fazal Rizvi (Art Writer in Residence) – Pakistan





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