Vasl, Pakistan / Goethe-Institut Pakistan / Lahore Biennale Foundation

Under the title "Urbanities – art and public space in Pakistan," the collaboration between the project partners will incite discursive and artistic contributions and interventions related to Pakistan's controversial and contested urban space, recollecting Henri Lefebvre´s "right to the city" for critical discussion, and contribute to a trajectory leading to the Lahore Biennale in 2017 in a series of events. By way of artistic interventions and critical research possibilities, spheres and impediments of public space and its citizens' engagement with Lahore and Karachi will be explored and negotiated. The residency grows from the shared interests of the project partners and is a crucial element of this project.

Urban Designers:

David Cardenas Lorenzo & Juan Chacon Gragera from Zuloark Collective (Spain)​

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