TO LET, Taaza Tareen 8, Vasl Residency, 2016

Open Day

Sunday, April 24, 2016, 4 - 8 PM, from Jamshed Memorial Hall to Peetal Gali

Venue: Jamshed Memorial Hall, Opposite Radio Pakistan, MA Jinnah Rd, Saddar Town, Karachi. You can catch a ride, to and from Peetal Gali, with Vasl rickshaws, which will be stationed at both sites. see map

Residency Dates: Monday, 21st March - Friday, 22nd April, 2016

Location: Karachi, Pakistan

The 8th Taaza Tareen Residency, TO LET is a site specific residency where artist responded to a few particular locations in the old city. Join us at the Jamshed Memorial Hall and Peetal Gali (Juna Market), to view the work of Vasl's 8th Taaza Tareen artists and experience a sense of simultaneous happenings.

This Residency is supported by :

  • Fatima Muneer & Adnan Amjad

  • Faizan Ajanee

  • Harry Hutchison

  • Sameera Raja - Canvas Gallery, Karachi

  • Special Thanks to Absar Khan, Hamid Mayet, Mashood Tabarak, Mohammad Naseem, Reshma Mohammad Shafi & Mohammad Shafi.

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