Akram Dost Baloch




Sea sand same features

An artist receives inspiration from his atmosphere, surroundings and the past of his nation. In this respect, the socio-political conditions of a country are reflected the most in his art .I have been representing these issues in my painting for a long time. Ever since I attained the age of being politically conscious I have seen inflation, instability, disturbance of law and order, unbalanced governments, people deprived of their rights, the dominance of negative forces, the supremacy of wrong structures, the oppression of voices and the intervention of superpowers. Being a sensitive artist, I have been depicting these conditions honestly and plainly, since my days at the N.C.A. In the large painting I made at the workshop at Gadani in January we observe all these factors and elements. This painting, although, apparently stipulates itself as an assemblage of some human figures and human faces, in reality is much more than that. It reveals to a discerning eye, the current socio-political situation prevalent in our country . We see mask- like faces, shifting faces, weeping and deprived faces. We see restless , headless , empty , paper-like and lifeless figures. These phenomena are but the reality we see around us.

The colour paletter has not broken its rapport with the lonely sea-shore of Gadani, on which the workshop was conducted. Because , one of its major purpose was to represent the soil, the sand and the sea in all the features rendered here. Thus, we can identify the pale colour of the alluvial sea-coast, the light blue of the sky and the deep blue of the deep sea. We can even identify the burning red of the setting sun of Gadani: all painted symbolically.


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