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This is my first stay in Pakistan. Actually in Asia. Except images brought by the television and newspaper. I was totally blank when I arrived in Karachi on the 9th of Jan 2001 04:50. The 12th of January we moved to Gadani. For two weeks our residency was in the middle of the desert close to the ocean.

Pakistan came slowly to me. Like a mise-en-scen or montage movie; images, appearances out of nothing, their presence disappeared also unexpected. Fragments of reality such as “buildings waiting for the next level”, “economic flavour” and the three nightmares that i had, brought me into a stage of movement. The ship breaking area became a tool to explore the environment and to discover so many different ideas about labour, education, mobility, and the making of art with other participants.

The need of an object to carry the concept. The need of production became an issue and the question when the deadline of the Open Day and the Exhibition arrived. Of course we had to show something. I think that was the most fruitful moment for me in the context of the VASL workshop. The backbone of art production was shown in a brutal and direct way.

VASL was a great experience, to work, to share, to exchange ideas with 21 other artists of the world. It was more than art scouting. I think it was the opportunity to be aware and more aware of the humanity of making art and her rule in society.


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