Gadani Workshop 2001


Each workshop in every location has its own flavor. A vitality and energy, pulled together by a combination of forces - location, people and work process. And so, the first Vasl International Artists Workshop was very much rooted in its own cultural space. Over half the artists participating were from various parts of Pakistan. As a result, visiting artists related to the rich culture of Karachi and Gadani/ Pakistan, learnt from it and contributed to it. It was also a process of de-centering - the relationship between perceived center and margins is veiled and often difficult to approach. Interestingly, for the Pakistani artists it was an opportunity to discover work by our contemporaries, some of whom had not met each other before!


Open day

An estimated 600 people attended the Open Day, an unprecedented number at an art event! This turned out to be an intense and informal interaction between artists, critics, patrons and art students from the city and elsewhere. Sheema Kermani and her theatre group Tehrik-e- Niswan, performed a short story from the play ‘A thousand and one Nights’, on the cliffs against the sea at sunset.

The work produced at Gadani was installed at the Amin Gulgee Gallery, a challenging task , considering the site specific nature of some of the work. Nayan Kulkarni’s performance was followed by the seminar at the Gulgee Museum Many questions were raised over subsequent weeks about the nature of such a workshop, its relevance, its role as catalyst, and the resistance to change within the hierarchies of our system. Such a debate was an important and welcome response for us. There is certainly an unfulfilled need amongst artists within Pakistan to be part of a process in which they have a higher stake. And there is a need for communication through work process, with cultural practitioners within the country and elsewhere in the region. These and other issues can be effectively addressed by being part of a broader network.



Open Day January 26th 2001, Gadani Beach, 11 to 06 pm.

Seminar January 29th 2001, Gulgee Museum, 03 to 06 pm.

Exibition January 29th & 30th 2001, Amin Gulgee Gallery, opening 06 to 08:30 pm.


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