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Once I thought it was possible to lose one’s identity in the myriad flux of the global interactive mobility of today. But now I know and am convinced that people, individuals, on their artistic path can create distinct and glorious artistic heritage and expressions. Whether we view the work as contemporary or traditional, whether known or unknown is entirely our own problem.

The VASL bunch and the forces behind them gave me a rare and luxurious workshop experience. My identity was lost, found, lost and found…

The Work

I used the idea of discovery to approach both Gadani and the works I created. Carefully but casually, I picked objects from the ship breaking yards ad the colourful Gadani market. The fishing village gave me a green fishing net. I received lots of treasured goods delivered form the belly of the sea on the beautiful guesthouse beach. The Karachi market gave me an unimaginable variety of tools and materials to work with. I smelled an incredible variety of fragrances. But perhaps most importantly, the idea to create a bride with a Pakistan/Nigerian heart was it. A fish Kingdom, fossils of our origin, cargo, and strange visitors were works created. Temporal works. In them I see the transient nature of the human being, the definiteness of one’s origin, and the definiteness of one’s exit and terminus. Entrances and Exits. Pakistan still on my mind.



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