Khalil Chishti




The notion of staying and working at remote place like Gadani may sound like an elitist activity to those who are unable to see beyond their demarcated or defined insight, but I can interpret it as a supreme device to defragment mind’s hard disk which gets fragmented by exhausting pressures of life.

The whole workshop momentum pertains to the act of meditation in which deep concentration liberates one’s mind from ephemeral energy consuming parasites so that the basic connotation of life can be highlighted. Praise to all those brains from where the concept was originally generated,Thanks to all those individuals who kept the same spirit alive, “I owe a debt of gratitude to the artless, humble wooden structures erected at ship breaking area which gave me enough courage to manifest my thought in a similar manner where things are so purposeful that the idea of displaying mere skill hardly exists. In my work “procession” six planks vertically standing on each other’s sport is a portrayal of stereotypical paradigm of combine living (society) and the seventh one dangling in the middle; negates or reinforces other’s existence.”


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