Maryam Hussain




The Island of the day Before

part One : Dead Mother:

Installation - Drawing and 12 roses


Vasl gave me the chance to be with the fellow artists from all over Pakistan as well as from around the world. The workshop also gave me an excuse to experiment with new materials and I avoided using the welding torch, an essential instrument for the creation of my studio work. The experience also made the north-south divide come to life. Global art practice is , ironically, not the practice of the entire globe but of the First World. In life as in workshops, we in the Third World ( and especially the Muslim World) seem to be required not only to know but also to look up to and emulate the art trends of the developed world. As the workshop grows and continues in Pakistan, it would be good if participants could explore this notion more in detail. Does global art exist? Should not difference in culture and belief be celebrated however it may express itself in its place of origin? Or must the topical concerns and revisionist aesthetics of the world’s rich govern us all?


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