Naiza h. Khan




A cage, perhaps a home, to be protected, to hold together latex - skin, the body, stitching it upto make a whole.


Are you going to another world for me, what arose as a result of a confrontation with a different workspace was the idea of intervention. As for everyone else, the space was overwhelming, surreal, abundant, but at the same time, an expanse that was wider than the thoughts that could fill it in a fortnight. altering and alteration – a space. there was an explicit response from the landscape, to hold its own integrity. and so I felt empathy with this idea and wanted only to draw out certain points of reference. To hold them for a time. a space accessed for a time, but not possessed.


The sea - where it meets the sky, two blues touch – disperse, melt at dusk, the sea seems to level out, the horizon claims the sun, and with it the possibility of separation.


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