Nayan Kulkarni

Great Britain



Each day presented a new insight into art people, place and time. Within the warmth of the group it was possible to reflect upon my practice and challenge it at its roots. The diversity of positions and sensibilities created a quietly dynamic atmosphere where difference was articulated in words, actions and works. Always supported our shifts seemed conversational rather than confrontational.

I cherished the opportunity to engage in the site, its geology, its light, its taste, its sound, its sense of time, and most significantly for its people, their activity and me. Gadani beach is curiously poised between a wilderness and a site of intense, often moving, human enterprise. These did not appear as opposites, but rather as sites that revealed the complex interplay between the land and people in respect to regional and global relations of capital. In moving closer, the simple daily rituals filled my field of vision and it was from this place that the work I made grew. I was forced to rethink my relationships with the landscape in this new context and this simply has had the effect of changing my relationship with my work.

I returned to England invigorated with a renewed energy for my work and a more open and generous eye to the practice of others.


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