Niloofar Chaman




This is my first visit to Pakistan, and thanks to VASL, I’ve had a wonderful experience of Pakistani Artists, and take back with me, new, warm, relationships. We live under the same sky…but somehow we are not living in the same house, this workshop made a big family. Now we live under the same sky…we love each other. No negative things around us. It’s been a wonderful, unexpected time, which I’ll remember forever.

The seascape itself primarily inspires the installation I have put together during the workshop at Gadani. The elements—sea, shore, rocks, pebbles, and ships---come together to conjure up images of the world beyond that holds an allegorical significance. Out of the entire multitude of experiences nature afforded me at Gadani, ship breaking at the shipyard was the most novel and the most awe inspiring. Ma’s relationship to the industrial environment created against a breathtaking backdrop of the clear sky and the ocean has been of a major concern to my process of thought. However, I have tried to localize my focus on marrying my personal symbol with elements from nature within the framework of a vivid vocabulary.


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