Sumaira Tazeen




Floating in the water

Being a miniature painter I did small drawings in this tremendous workshop. The basic concept of the work was that life is not possible without water and that every single being created by Allah has a component of water.

My inspiration for this work were the seaweed, mosses, algae, shells and of course, water. As my hand is tuned in miniature tradition, you will see the usage of tea stains, intricate details, and fluid lines.

Apart from personal work and thoughts, this workshop was also an opportunity to explore new things and was an excellent chance to interact with other artists and also explore new ideas with them.

So Roohi Ahmed and I came up with an idea of collaborative work by doing small drawings of different sizes without really looking at each other’s work and then decided to compose them together on the last night of Open Day, just to see how different thoughts had reached out each other, making it into a single piece.

In the end, I would like to leave the space for my viewers to interpret and establish a personal dialogue with the work.


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