Birth of Pakistan

This exhibition, organised by the Citizens Archive of Pakistan at the Mohatta Palace Museum in Karachi and involving many partners, was opened on the 23rd of March 2010 and remained open for three months. Vasl was responsible for reconstructing the sentiments and expressions of migrants coming to Pakistan, which was executed in the form of the train journey – from Amritsar to Lahore – intended to relay the feelings of those people who left their homes in India to come live in the newly-formed Pakistan. This was accompanied by a sound installation directed by Shahid Shafat. The following actors performed in the piece: Yasir, Imran, Mehdi, Munazza, Adeela Suleman and Asma Mundrawala.

A refugee camp was also recreated to exhibit the living experience of the people who had just arrived in their new home land. The living conditions, hardships and valour of the citizens of the new country are epitomised in this installation.

Children’s activity and entertainment in the form of flip books and illustrated story books were also a part for this interactive exhibit.

Birth of Pakistan sound work

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