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Hosted by:  Vasl in collaboration with Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, the IVS Gallery and the IVSAA, Fine Art department.

The international Vasl residency called ‘ON/OFF,’ came to a conclusion on the 30th of March, 2010. The residency continued of 3 artists and 1 writer. There was Ehsan-ul-Haq from Lahore, Lara Baladi from Lebanon/ Egypt, Mohammad Abdulkarim from Egypt and Gemma Sharpe from UK.

Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, with the support of the IVS Gallery and their Fine Art department hosted the artist talk which was a combination of presentation showcasing the artists’ previous work along with sharing the process or the work that they were a part of while they were a part of the residency. The talk was moderated by Asma Mundrawala, a Karachi based artist who is currently part of the IVSAA Fine Art faculty.  The talk was then preceded by Gemma Sharpe’s reading which she had especially prepared during her stay at the residency, followed by presentations from Gemma Sharpe, Ehsan-ul-Haq, Mohammad Abdulkarim and Lara Baladi.

While Ehsan-ul-Haq’s installation for the residency could be viewed within the IVSAA premises, the audience collected in the school’s courtyard to view the live performance by Mohammad Abdulkarim and to listen to a sound piece by Lara Baladi (composed by Nathaniel Robin Mann.

This event was attended by students from various art institutions from Karachi such as, IVSAA, KU, KSA, CIAC as well as many other people who are part of the art world. All those who attended the artist talk found the experience to be highly enriching as the residency’s outcome offered a diverse flavor of art interaction for one to indulge in. Not only did the artist execute their expression in very different form of art from one another but also belonged to a variety of interesting cultures which was very exciting for the viewers as much as it was for the artists themselves

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