All That Perishes on the Edge of Land

Single Artist Residency

January 15 – February 5, 2018

with Hira Nabi.

Hira Nabi’s docu-fictional work, ‘All that Perishes on the Edge of Land’ (2018) was introduced through Vasl’s residency program. Nabi explored Gadani’s shipwrecked yard as a site of fractured anecdotes and conflicting truths. Her research and projects derive from an ongoing preoccupation regarding labour, networks of capital movements, vulnerabilities that are exposed to humans and attention that is directed towards the environment as a primary site of investigation. This work is particular as it revisits assorted contrasting narratives regarding accidents, the ownership of ships and ways of existing. Her work contemplates surrealist surroundings linked to quotidian workplace occurrences that remain universally concerned.

All That Perishes on the Edge of Land by Hira Nabi

Hira Nabi is an artist, filmmaker and researcher. Her artistic and research-based practice spans film, video, audio, and text. She holds a BA in video and cultural studies from Hampshire College, and an MA in media and cinema studies from The New School. Her work looks at repositories of memory in urban landscapes, contested or imagined histories, labor, and a keen observation of the built and natural environment.