Call for Applications!
Museum of Sound

Museum of Sound is the fourth iteration of the Museum Series, a year-long exploration of the intersection between visual art and auditory experiences. This innovative project invites artists to submit proposals that push the boundaries of traditional art forms by incorporating sound as a central element in their artwork.

Through this project, the Vasl Artists’ Association aims to create a dynamic and immersive exhibition that challenges audiences to engage with art in new and unconventional ways. Artists are encouraged to experiment with immersive soundscapes, music, spoken words, performances, and other auditory elements to enhance and complement their visual creations.

Vasl Artists’ Association invites artists from all backgrounds and disciplines to submit proposals that explore the theme of sound. The project aims to spark meaningful conversations, inspire creativity, and expand the boundaries of artistic exploration.

Project duration: June 2024 – March 2025


  • Download and fill out the application form
  • Download and fill out the Activity timeline & budget
  • Attach an updated CV
  • Label the subject as Museum of Sound Application
  • Email the application form in a PDF format at:

Application Deadline: Wednesday, May 15, 2024 (11:59 pm)