Paper-Relief Workshop

in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Pakistan

February 8, 2018

conducted by Benigna Chilla, assisted by Milena Chilla-Markhoff

Benigna Chilla, visiting artist on behalf of the Goethe Institut- Pakistan deliveredan intriguing discussion, as well as a paper-relief workshop at T2F (The Second Floor) on February 8th, 2018. This workshop was organised and hosted by the Vasl Artist’s Association. Chilla begun her art training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin, Germany where she originates from. In 1969, she moved to the USA where she completed her graduate studies. After which, she began a career as a Professor of Visual Arts till her retirement in 2011. Each fall season, Chilla teaches and conducts workshops to non-traditional art students settled in South Asia. Chilla continues to produce work in her private studio and has exhibited overforty solo exhibitions in the USA and internationally. This workshop began with Chilla sharing and discussing her work to the 20 participants. The presentation included various techniques she had employed in her body of work. She also referred to the careful selection and crafting of each pigment for the differing compositions of her paper-relief works. Chilla’s daughter helped in assisting her during the workshop. The workshop then started off with a demo, which lastedfor two hours where the participants adapted to their own styles of creating paper relied compositions on a scale of 10”x10”. The works were brought together in the end which resulted in Chilla and the participants engaging in aconstructive discussion regarding their practice of paper-relief and how they could continue it in their own personal styles.