Vasl Artists’ Association launched a Vasl research grant in 2018 to a qualifying resident of Taaza Tareen Residency. 

The Vasl Research Grant is designed in order to be awarded to surfacing visual artists who are not only diligent in their respective works but committed to their practice by showing dedication and an avid interest in building close ties within the arts community. Vasl acknowledges emerging artists who are in need of support, this allows artists to take risks and explore dynamic routes in order to forge unique career paths for themselves. Recipients receive the opportunity to build relationships with varied engaging individuals, the Vasl network in addition to a solo exhibition at the prestigious Canvas Gallery, Karachi.

Since 2019, the Canvas Gallery has been hosting culminating exhibitions of the Vasl Research Grant.

From 2019 up until 2021, the Khurram Kasim Art Foundation (KKAF) sponsors the yearlong Vasl Research Grant. KKAF has been established in order to provide a platform that supports all modes of artistic expressions from and within Pakistan.


Vasl-KKAF Research Grant 2021-2022

Grant winner, Anusha Novlani


Vasl-KKAF Research Grant 2020-2021

Grant winner, Suleman Faisal


Vasl-KKAF Research Grant 2019-2020

Grant winner, Hamid Hanbhi


Vasl Research Grant 2018-2019

Grant winner, Mujtaba Asif

About Canvas Gallery

Established in 1999 in Karachi, Canvas Gallery is committed to the discovery, support, development and promotion of the art and artists from Pakistan. Canvas is the leading space for emerging and established artists to showcase their works. 

About KKAF

Khurram Kasim Art Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation, launched in 2017, created by Karachi based art collector Khurram Kasim. Through educational programs, residencies, grants and events, KKAF seeks to facilitate and foster cultural exchange and dialogue between local and international artistic practices and art networks.