The Factory

Project 01

Supported by  Vasl Artists’ Association
January 30 – February 9, 2022

curated by Rameesha Azeem

at Chawla footwear Sundar Industrial Estate, Lahore

Participating artists: Ali Baba, Ali Shariq Jamali, Dua Abbas, Rabeeha Adnan,  Mohsin Shafi, Ayaz Jokhio, Rabbya Naseer, Suleman Khilji, Ammar Faiz, Saba Khan, Unum Babar & Matt Kushan, Rabia Ejaz, Faizan Naveed, Rabeya Jalil, Abid Aslam, Hassan Mujtaba, Mahbub Jokhio and Komal Khan

Writers for this project: Hassan Tahir, Irfan Aslam, Arslan Athar, Urooj Samdhani, Hassan Rauf, Jawad Raza, Mahmum Qureshi and Baseerat Zehra

The exhibition envisions art in a unrelenting space that exists in an industrial setting with its autonomic functionality, purpose and semantics.

Site specificities of the exhibit will allow artists to interact with the industrial character of the place, which is a functional shoe factory.

It aims to incite critical thought process, through explorative discovery of the spatial and materialistic accessibility which incepts a provocative intellectual dialogue of what a space can be for an artist.

The shoe factory is located at Sundar estate (the designated industrial area of Lahore), the installation will be displayed at the site of Investigation.

Curatorial note:

Artists are engaged in this exhibition to explore the significance of industrial development leading in increasing global transformation.

Some fundamental dimensions including marketing, sales, development and production as well as the power of capitalism and consumer culture are the objective reality of this exhibition.

Using an artistic eye, which engraves philosophy, compositional aesthetics and a reflection of industrial character; artists are encouraged to dissect the relationship between a concrete structure and human engagement.

The material space will lead artists to challenge and experiment on various levels. Diverse mediums and materials will inevitably be explored through the process.

About Rameesha:

b. 1996

Rameesha Azeem is a curator and a Visual Artist, living and working in Lahore, Pakistan. She is awarded the Gasworks Residency (2022), She has curated and organised a group show “A site for sight” collateral to Lahore Biennale 2020, she was a part of group shows Of the Moments, Contemporary 12.0, Islamabad, Pakistan (2020) and “Musalsal”, Lahore Pakistan (2019). Her upcoming curatorial project “The Factory” is in progress along with a publication and there are several other projects she is currently working on. Awarded with the Dean’s honour list, she has completed her undergraduate degree from Beaconhouse National University in Lahore in Visual Arts.

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