Ali Shariq Jamali

Lahore, Pakistan

Ali Shariq Jamali (born 1994) is a visual artist and educator currently based in Lahore, Pakistan. He completed his BFA from the National College of Arts, Lahore in 2018. Shariq then went on to pursue and complete his MFA in Art and Design Studies from the Beaconhouse National University, Lahore in 2021. Ali Shariq’s work has been exhibited nationally at various private and public art institutions, including a site-specific ‘The Factory Project’ at Chawla Industries in 2022,‘And the story goes on’ at Alhamra Art Gallery in 2022, ‘Flower of a Blue Flame’ exhibition at Canvas Gallery curated by Quddus Mirza in 2021, and ‘Karachi ArtFest’ at Sambara Art Gallery in 2021. He was also a researcher and part of the conceptual development team EART: Manifest of possibilities a presentation by Rashid Rana at the Manchester International Festival in the United Kingdom. Additionally, Ali Shariq has also been the Artist in Residence for Vasl Artists’ Association Taaza Tareen 13 Residency in Karachi. Alongside maintaining a diverse studio practice, Shariq is currently living and working in Lahore as a part of the BNU faculty.