Taaza Tareen 4

Local Artists’ Residency


with Syed Ammad Tahir, Ferwa Ibrahim, Ghafar Abidi, Hurmut-ul-ain, Imran Mudassar, Mariam Ibraaz & Sara Khan

The 4th annual Taaza Tareen Residency brought together artists Ammad Tahir, Ferwa Ibrahim, Ghafar Afridi, Hurmat-ul-ein Ahmed, Imran Mudassar, Mariam Ibraaz and Sara Khan. The spirited young artists came together to discuss new ideas, and create works which not only reflected a sense of their artistic creativity, but also tapped into the experience of a collaboration with each other and the space around them.

Marium Ibraaz reflected on the routine experience of existing in a new space. She focused on the simple things, the ‘everyday’ which moved her the most – such as facing water shortage in a land surrounded by the sea.