She’s Grown into a New Skin. Her New Skin

Single Artist Teaching Residency

January 13 – February 29, 2020

in collaboration with Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture

with Noor Afshan Mirza

Vasl Artists’ Association hosted Noorafshan for a duration of 7 weeks where she conducted New Media Art classes with 3rd year of Fine Art department at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. Being a woman of mixed race with Eastern roots, Mirza was inspired by the local Pakistani community and began looking into various experiences she missed out on as she grew up in a western society. She was inspired by the ideology of female empowerment and girlhood in Pakistan began regular excursions to Lyari where she was inspired by the girls boxing team in Lyari, who train at the Lyari Boxing Club and the Pak Shaheen Boxing Club in Lyari, where she observed the girls during their training sessions. Inspired by her Indian grandmother, who used to ride a horse around her neighbourhood during her youth. Mirza had even joined embroidery classes and even took part in a brief hijab tying class.

Towards the end of the residency, Vasl conducted an artist talk for Noorafshan Mirza, where she spoke about her process and film and her duration in Karachi. After the talk Vasl also premiered her film ‘Ruptures’ for the first time in Karachi.