Outside the Cube

Art Sessions for Children

June 28 – July 26, 2019

conducted by the Vasl Team

‘Outside the Cube’ is a series consisting of five art sessions which were conducted at the contemporary art galleries of Karachi. The galleries that hosted Vasl’s art sessions were Canvas Gallery, Imran Mir Studio, Koel Gallery and AAN- Gandhara Art Space.

These sessions were specifically catered for children ranging from the ages of 6 to 10. The Vasl team conducted the five art sessions, with each activity designed on the artist’s work exhibited in the gallery at that time. These sessions provided the opportunity to meet exciting contemporary artists and also learn their techniques through an informative guided tour of the exhibition.

The Vasl Artists’ Association designed the activity books based on each gallery exhibition and artists. The books were designed by Anosha Zia, Areeba Goreja and Halima Sadia. 


Aalaie D Allana, Ayan Taha, Emaan Omer Ahmed, Ghania, Imaan Ahmed, Laleh Bano Chinoy, Leah Adamjee, Momina Ahmed, Neha Hanif, Noor Omer Ahmed, Samer Azfar, Sasha Jalil, Sofia Ahmed, Sofia Tai, Soha Bano, Sophie Rehman and  Zohray Ali.