About Vasl

Vasl Artists’ Association is affiliated with the Triangle Network, UK,which is an international network of artists and art organizations.

Founded in 2001, Vasl Artists’ Association is a not for profit contemporary arts organization, based in Karachi, Pakistan. Vasl is dedicated to providing collaborative opportunities for international and nationwide artists through residencies, talks, exhibitions, publications, research opportunities, community art projects and educational outreach. Vasl is committed to creating a space for experimental, interdisciplinary and critical contemporary art practice in Pakistan and to connecting artists, students, patrons, researchers and the wider community to and through contemporary arts. In the past 17 years, more than 500 international and local artists have undertaken Vasl residencies, workshops and local projects of significance from countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Kenya, Turkey, India, China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Korea, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Canada, Mexico and the US.

The Vasl apartment is fully furnished and houses 2 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a communal living space with a small library, a kitchenette and dining area,  storage capacity and a rooftop studio space.  The Vasl employees work  within the office spaces of the apartment to facilitate and organize ongoing and future projects with our resident artists and future collaborators. The building in which Vasl is located also houses the T2F (The Second Floor) café, library and interchangeable event space for multiple activities on the floors below. Overview of facilities:Two bedrooms with attached bathrooms, WiFi, Air conditioning, Printing, scanning and other multi-media gadgets, Back-up generator, Kitchen, dining area and communal living space Studio/workspace accessible to in-house artists for 24 hours Assistant Staff.

Rental Vasl Artists’ Association utilizes the apartment primarily for Vasl residency programs, workshops and collaborators. However, upon availibility, the association does offer accommodation to those individuals who belong to art backgrounds and wish to stay in Karachi for their work and research. In such cases the rooms are rented out for affordable rates only when unoccupied by Vasl resident artists. All proceeds raised through the rental of our accommodation and studio spaces go towards supporting our programs.